Say Goodbye, Don’t Follow


Anyone who really knows me, is well aware of how neurotic I am when it comes to music and particular songs.  It still blows my mind how a simple tune or lyric can snap me right back to a place in my past which can often take the wind completely out of my sail.  This specific song hit me pretty hard in the feels this morning.  The time was 15-20 years ago, and is very reminiscent of an individual whom I’ve since fallen out with, but still miss from time to time.  Hearing this song on the stream this morning didn’t help things much and while most people will remain oblivious to the reference, the person on the other end of the feels would likely react with a lot of the very same emotions about it.  At least I like to think so.   Though, the reality of the situation is glaring.

Hey, I ain’t never coming home
Hey, I’ll just wander my own road
Hey, I can’t meet you here tomorrow
No, say goodbye don’t follow
Misery so hollow

Hey you, you’re livin’ life full throttle
Hey you, pass me down that bottle, yeah
Hey you, you can’t shake me round now
I get so lost and don’t know how
And it hurts to care, so I’m goin’ now

Forgot my woman, lost my friends
Things I’d done and where I’ve been
Sleep in sweat the mirrors cold
See my face it’s growin’ old
Scared to death no reason why
Do whatever to get me by
Think about the things I’ve said
Read the page it’s cold and dead

Take me home
Yeah, take me home
Take me home
Take me home, yeah
Take me home

Say goodbye, don’t follow


Trust can be broken and betrayed but the love never goes away and the memories remains.


…it hurts to care, so I’m goin’ now…

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